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The Ground Combat Vehicle/Infantry Fighting Vehicle (GCV/IFV) was organized under the “Follow On Incremental Capabilities Package” of the Brigade Combat Team (BCT) Modernization program. The first variant of the vehicle was to be prototyped in 2015 and fielded by 2017.

Altatech was subcontracted by prime contractor BAE SYSTEMS to develop and/or support the following areas:

  • Requirements Development Management (RDAM)
  • Functional Analysis (FA) Support
  • Interface Control Documents (ICDs) Development
  • System Architecture (SA) Support
  • GCV Lethality Support
  • Software System Support
  • Chassis Auxiliary Software Development
  • Energy Storage System/Battery Module Life Testing support (ESS AITC)
  • eXpress Modeling


As such, Altatech was involved in the development and management of system and subsystem requirements, and in researching, gathering necessary data, proofing, and reviewing the GCV Subsystem Specifications as a flow down from the GCV/IFV System Specification.

We performed requirement decomposition by Functional Analysis and Modeling/Simulation, requirements verification, and allocation to components per the GCV Product Structure. We also provided system architecture assessment, development and support.

Wrote, proofed, reviewed and released the GCV Vehicle Interface Control Document (ICD).

Provided DOORS Requirements database initial set-up and update of the Specification modules. Provided DOORS Requirements database ongoing maintenance and periodic troubleshooting.

Provided Software engineering development and support for both the Chassis Auxiliary and System Software integrated product teams.  Contributed to the development of Software Requirement Specification (SRS) and Interface Requirement Specification (IRS) for the Environmental Control system (ECS), Auxiliary Systems (AUX), CBRNO Subsystem, and Software System (SS) Integrated Product Teams.

Conducted Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) analyses, used eXpress Software for modeling, and provided Consulting and CPU Software Support for the Lethality team.

Prior to our departure, the Army fully resourced and executed a GCV IFV Analysis of Alternatives Dynamic Update (AoADU) in accordance with FAR 10.002(b)(2), and approved guidance issued by the Director, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (DCAPE). The analysis determined that the contractor met program requirements, in spite of significant requirement and program changes.